How to play video slots

There are a number of video slots machine available but they are all played in a similar manner. As a beginner, learning to play video slots can be quite easy all that is required is to learn how to read the payout table and understand what the buttons do. You also need to keep in mind that the manner of

video slots

play has no effect on the reels or on the percentage of payout. If it happens that you are in a casino and don’t understand what the buttons mean, you can simply ask the casino staffs to help you out and they most certainly will be happy to.

What the buttons stand for

All video slot machines have different buttons in front of them which have a specific function. Most video slot machines have two rows comprising of at least five buttons but they can also have six or seven buttons on others. The buttons on the back row usually relate to the number of credits you wish to bet per line. There are arranged from left to right starting from the lowest to the highest number. In some models, the back row controls the gambling features.

The buttons in the front row include those for the lines per spin, the cash collect button, the maximum bet button and in most cases the help button. The functions of these buttons are outlined below

Lines per spin

The function of this button is to control the number of lines you wish to bet on each game.

Bet Max

The function of this button is to automatically bet the maximum number of coins and begin the game.


The cash or collect button is used to withdraw your money out of the slot machine.

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Help/View Payouts

This button is available on most video slots and they help with providing the player with additional gaming information.

Reading the Pay Table

The pay table on a video slot machine can be found either at the top front of the game directly above the screen or on the lower panel right below the screen. In some models, it can be found on the screen itself and is accessible using the view payouts or the help button.

Before you begin a game you need to take out time to read the instructions on the payout table. This is where you can find information on the game payouts, the bonus features and the requirements for betting. If you need a maximum bet in order to get a jackpot, you can find this on the pay table which makes it easy for you to find out all you need to know.

The instructions are mostly written in English, but they can also be written in other languages depending on the official language of the country where it is been used.

A step by step guide to playing video slots

You can go through the guide below to play video slots video slots

–    Before you make any moves, endeavor to read the payout table first to understand the manner in which you can be paid.

–    Once you understand the payout table, you can now insert your coins or bills then confirm that you have the right amount of credits.

–    You then need to choose your credit per line which is important in helping you know how much to stake for each game.

–    After choosing your credit per line, choose your lines per spins.

–    Once you have chosen your lines per spins, you can then start spinning the reels and be hopeful that you come out victorious.

–    Once the reel settles, you can then find out if you have won or lost.

–    You can keep on spinning the reels to keep playing the game until you are ready to collect your cash.

–    The last move will be to press the collect button and then collect your cash once you are done playing.

From the guide above, you can find out that playing video slots is a lot easier compared to other games such as poker that require a lot of experience to be able to win especially when you are playing with others or online. You can find a video slot machine in any casino and have some fun even if you haven’t played a game before. It is advisable that you gamble with money that you can afford to lose as a lot of people have lost a great deal of money by gambling on video slots machines.

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How to win playing a game of video slots

Before we go into the details of how to play video slots, you need to first know that there is no sure way of beating a slot machine. There are a lot of people selling secrets on how to beat a slot machine and I must let you know now that they are all scams. You can’t predict or change the outcomes of the spins or know if a game is going to be a hit or not. This is why it is called gambling you are simply taking a risk hoping that the outcome will be positive.

video slots

The only thing you can control when playing video slots is yourself by way of making the choice of what you are going to play.

Some winning tips you should know

–    Endeavor to bet an amount that you can afford to lose

–    You should go for a high level medium range payoff

–    You should also play progressives with winnings

–    You should be looking to play video slots just for the fun of it and no as a source of income

–    Ensure you read the information on the pay table very well

–    Avoid increasing your bets whenever you lose to make up for money lost you might just keep on losing

–    Avoid buying slots systems

–    You should set limits for winning and losing

–    You should play maximum bets only when needed

–    Work with a gambling budget to ensure that you don’t lose money meant for other things

–    You can use casino comps

Finding the slot machine to play

Most casinos offer hundreds and even thousands of video slots that you can choose from. But you need to know that not all of them are equal. One general rule of thumb is that the bigger the jackpot, the lower your chances of winning. So you need to go for slots with good payouts under the top prize. Medium level jackpots provide you with a better entertainment for your gambling funds. Progressives slots have the worst payout percentage and except you can hit the top jackpot which requires a great deal of luck, you will discover that these games are very difficult to play. This is mainly because a percentage of each bet is included in the jackpot. If you must play progressives, it is advisable that you do so with winning from other games you have played. 

Managing your funds

Having said that you can’t alter the outcomes of the reels, you can only change the manner in which you play to increase your chances of winning or reduce yours loses. You need to be able to manage your money to be able to keep track of your gambling budget. Before you leave the house to the casino to gamble, you need to work on your budget for playing video slots and stick to it. This will help you to limit your loses since you are already working with money that you can afford to lose. You can break this further into different gambling sessions daily to provide you with multiple chances of getting it right. You need to do this whether or not you are winning and if you are winning, you will leave the casino a winner and if you are losing, you still get the chance to get it right during your next gambling sessions so don’t push it.

You shouldn’t try to win previous losses but playing more games, this is where many gamblers get it wrong. the truth is that you are presented with different outcomes whenever you play a new game, but you need to understand that there is a thin line between losing and winning when gambling so you need to be smart enough to know when you should cut your lose and head home.

Casino VIP programs and comps

The comp or casino VIP programs are a good way to get the best out of playing slots. Most casinos offer them so endeavor to join when you get there. You can ask the casino staffs who should be more than willing to provide you with them. Some casinos also offer slot cards which you put into the machine before you play a game. The type of comp offer available depends on the casino and they could either be in the form of free tournament entries, free food, suite upgrades, and even free hotel stay and many other offers.

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