How to play video slots

There are a number of video slots machine available but they are all played in a similar manner. As a beginner, learning to play video slots can be quite easy all that is required is to learn how to read the payout table and understand what the buttons do. You also need to keep in mind that the manner of

video slots

play has no effect on the reels or on the percentage of payout. If it happens that you are in a casino and don’t understand what the buttons mean, you can simply ask the casino staffs to help you out and they most certainly will be happy to.

What the buttons stand for

All video slot machines have different buttons in front of them which have a specific function. Most video slot machines have two rows comprising of at least five buttons but they can also have six or seven buttons on others. The buttons on the back row usually relate to the number of credits you wish to bet per line. There are arranged from left to right starting from the lowest to the highest number. In some models, the back row controls the gambling features.

The buttons in the front row include those for the lines per spin, the cash collect button, the maximum bet button and in most cases the help button. The functions of these buttons are outlined below

Lines per spin

The function of this button is to control the number of lines you wish to bet on each game.

Bet Max

The function of this button is to automatically bet the maximum number of coins and begin the game.


The cash or collect button is used to withdraw your money out of the slot machine.

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